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Shenzhen Academy of Aerospace Technology(SZAAT)

[China] SAAT-T501 Active Ultra-thin RFID Tag

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Exclusive low- power consumption, longer working time
Permanent 4-byte basic ID and user-rewriting 4-byte extension ID
Active and passive operating model
PVC plastic shell, high-tension, waterproofing IP67
Battery auto-detecting, low-power alarm
EAS function can set 8- security codes

Technical Data
Operating Frequency--2.400-2.4835GHz
Operating Range-- >150M
Battery life--5 –year life
Power Supply--750m Ah lithium battery
Memory Space-- 512-byte
Size-- 86mm×54mm×2mm
Sensitivity-- -85dBm,
Waterproof-- IP67

School & cooperation personnel management and positioning
Automatic vehicle identification, parking management, highway toll collection
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Shenzhen Academy of Aerospace Technology(SZAAT)

Straße:Shennan Kejij 10 th
Telefon: +86 755 267270738003


Name und Vorname: Nina Gong
Telefon: +86 755 267270738003
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